Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Artist's Biography

Stephanie E. Robinson
Durham, North Carolina

I was raised in a small university town in the mountains of western North Carolina. The town, named Cullowhee, Cherokee for "Valley of the Lilies", was built on the site of an ancient Indian village. I grew up wading creeks, digging for arrowheads, swinging on vines, climbing trees and running through fields. A friend and I made pottery from the yellow gold clay deposits in the creek bank and we made flutes from the bamboo stalks. We explored the woods discovering secret places and claiming them as only children can. I wanted to be an Indian when I grew up.

Early on I developed a deep spiritual connection with nature. My heart quickens when I watch a hawk glide across the sky or see a deer stand motionless until she breaks the lock of our eyes, lifts her snowy tail and bounds off. Standing before a waterfall, I feel its roaring power as its electric energy engulfs me and vibrates my soul.

Art, to me, is emotion filled...a circle completed and made whole. Emotions may be expressed in many different ways, but when the soul truth of the emotion is expressed in an honest and loving way, it becomes art. I believe in the artist in everyone. An artist at work is a child at play...exploring, discovering, experimenting, feeling out a world without limitations, rules, or prejudices. A world where the imagination rules and being who you are is magical and wonderful.

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Blogger Jody Kuchar said...

And you seem to have a knack for writing too. Your descriptives are as colorful a palette as your painting is! Anytime you have something to add to ScribeSpirit, I'd love to include it.

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