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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Seasons of the Soul

"Seasons of the Soul" by Stephanie E. Robinson

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This is a hand-signed lithograph created from an original painting in watercolor and ink. "Seasons of the Soul" originated as individual doodles in my sketchbook years ago during a period of personal crisis and self-acceptance. (From left to right, the icons are subtitled: Confusion, Resistance, Submission, Acquiescence, The Plunge, Rebirth, Fortitude, Elation, Symmetry, Harmony, and Moving Out.)It was not until a year or so later, as I flipped through the pages, I saw the progression. I drew the figures again in a line and suddenly their meaning became clear. It was a never-ending story of life and growth, healing and the seasons, always repeating yet constantly evolving.

Years have passed, yet the significance of this spiritual creation is ever more powerful and meaningful to me as I continue to move through the seasons in many aspects of my life. I am honored and fulfilled when others can relate to and understand the symbolic language of healing the soul.
This print is available for purchase and can be shipped anywhere. For more information, please email me at and leave a phone number where you can be reached. Include a subject line of "Seasons of the Soul".

(measures 10 inches by 32 inches, including white border, sold print only, shipped in tube, price $40 US plus shipping. Image depicts a framed, matted copy, not the print alone. Recommended framing instructions can be provided by phone or email.)

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Site Update Description

It is my intention to provide examples of my artwork or commentaries as they become available. As a result, this site will be constantly updated with new information, new artwork and other updates from time to time. My portfolio is large, but the time I can spend uploading the images and writing their specific details is limited. Come back, please, and often.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Artist's Biography

Stephanie E. Robinson
Durham, North Carolina

I was raised in a small university town in the mountains of western North Carolina. The town, named Cullowhee, Cherokee for "Valley of the Lilies", was built on the site of an ancient Indian village. I grew up wading creeks, digging for arrowheads, swinging on vines, climbing trees and running through fields. A friend and I made pottery from the yellow gold clay deposits in the creek bank and we made flutes from the bamboo stalks. We explored the woods discovering secret places and claiming them as only children can. I wanted to be an Indian when I grew up.

Early on I developed a deep spiritual connection with nature. My heart quickens when I watch a hawk glide across the sky or see a deer stand motionless until she breaks the lock of our eyes, lifts her snowy tail and bounds off. Standing before a waterfall, I feel its roaring power as its electric energy engulfs me and vibrates my soul.

Art, to me, is emotion filled...a circle completed and made whole. Emotions may be expressed in many different ways, but when the soul truth of the emotion is expressed in an honest and loving way, it becomes art. I believe in the artist in everyone. An artist at work is a child at play...exploring, discovering, experimenting, feeling out a world without limitations, rules, or prejudices. A world where the imagination rules and being who you are is magical and wonderful.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Calla Lilies

This is a placeholder.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Heart Chakra

An acrylic and mixed-media work on masonite. The point of power is the present and the portal to that power is the heart.

Framed, 16 inches by 20 inches.

$325 plus shipping and handling.

Shaman Heart

A three-dimensional mixed-media piece, representing an abstract concept of natural elements and textures to create a portal that is the heart of the shaman.

Unframed, 10 inches by 10 inches.

$250 plus shipping and handling.

Spirit of the Ancients

This work is a three dimensional mixed-media piece. The textured patterns of the background represent the different layers of perception and reality.

Unframed, 11 inches by 16 inches.

Price: $250 plus shipping and handling.

Shaman, Dreamer and Guide

This is acrylic on masonite and is part of my private collection. Commissioned work is available.

The Dreamer-Face Series

This is a three dimensional mixed-media piece. The concept is a face pushing through the surface into another reality. I enjoy creating effects that look like other materials, such as metal, as in this piece. This is one of a series of similar works and is part of my personal collection. This work is not for sale, however, I do commissioned pieces.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ancient Artifacts

Ancient artifacts of my imagination floating to the surface of my consciousness...

Acrylic on canvas. Measures 38 inches by 38 inches, including frame. (Price available upon request.)